Daddy 1
Let’s say you were to ask me, “Byron, what’s your church all about?”

I think what most people are really asking is, “What’s your church service like?”

And the honest answer to that is, “It depends on the day.”

Sometimes it’s different from week to week. You will probably find some things fairly to very familiar to you, but you may also experience some things that may not be a part of your tradition. We do that intentionally for several reasons. We believe that our God is the God of infinite variety, and therefore we don’t feel constrained to “practice worship” according to a firmly set pattern. We believe both Scripture and church history affirms the truth of this diversity, both in how people come to Him and how they worship Him.

We also think it’s important to acknowledge that we all reflect God’s love for diversity which includes how He has created, in each of us, specific ways for us to hear and receive Him which may be slightly different from the person sitting next to us. We try to incorporate aspects of these different “spiritual pathways” into our worship.

Ultimately, we are mostly interested in the kind of people we are becoming, and that is bigger than just what happens on Sunday morning. Above all else, we want to connect to God, to each other, and the world around us, and believe that is a lifestyle issue rather than just a Sunday morning issue.

Imagine what would happen if we CONNECTED on all three, at the same time.