Our hope is to animate your imagination, inspire your response to God, and help you practice worship as a lifestyle. All that we do in worship is intended to focus our attention on God as our only audience.

    We employ: Ancient, Traditional & Contemporary expressions of Worship – We try to be creative in the ways of worship (exalting God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit) by sampling ideas, images, and sounds from the many traditions of over 2000 years of Christianity, remixing what has come before with what is now. Interaction – We are not interested in entertaining. We attempt to create an atmosphere allowing and encouraging participation so that each person can express their worship to God.

    Relevance – We try to guide you in worship, by providing instruction in and modeling different pathways of worship, providing a variety of venues to experience worship together, and supplying resources to help you connect to God on your own.

    Normally (although we experiment from time to time with different orders), we have:
    1. Prayer (for all, including families) at 10:15 am
    2. Jr. High Class and Kid’s Time at 11:00am
    3. Also at 11:00am
    – Worship through music & interactive prayer
    – Worship through teaching of God’s Word
    – Worship through giving in support of continued ministry
    – Worship through response (corporate and/ or individual)

    We try to be done around 12:15pm. This can vary some depending on the amount of interaction during our gathering.

    This is one of two sacraments we celebrate (the other is baptism). We consider it a sacrament because its practice was commanded by Jesus and because we believe it to have more than symbolic and ritualistic significance, but in reverent practice, is a means of God’s grace which draws us into His presence. We have no hard schedule for this celebration, except that we will celebrate it minimally every calendar quarter, including the Sundays on which we have Concerts of Prayer.

    church clothes 2 DRESS CODE
    We leave this up to each person (within the boundaries of public decorum) and encourage everyone to be respectful of each other’s preference of dress. We sincerely want to foster a genuine “come as you prefer” atmosphere. Most people who regularly attend Burlnaz tend toward casual dress, though some prefer more “traditional” church attire.