Get Involved

Here are some ways you can get involved at Burlnaz:

DISCOVER YOUR PERSONALITY, SPIRITUAL GIFTS AND PATHWAY, AND PASSIONS We believe God uniquely crafted each of us for fellowship with Him and the kind of service that actually gives us joy. This is not just our opinion. There is strong biblical basis for this. We will help you discover how God has “wired” you, and suggest some ways for you to respond in ministry involvement.

BECOME A MEMBER OF BURLNAZ We don’t pressure anyone to join Burlnaz, and place only a few restrictions on those who choose not to enter into that kind of relationship with us. For those who do, our expectations are high because of the God we serve. We think of membership in a local church as being, in some respects, similar to a marriage between two people. The relationship is intentional and serious. It is a commitment to the God-guided, biblically-oriented mission and vision of this church, demonstrated by active support and ministry involvement.

We offer Membership classes (a membership requirement) at least once a year. Feel free to sign-up for the class when it is offered; there is no expectation that class participation communicates an intent to join.


There are many ministries and organizations in the community (and beyond) that do good works, something we believe all Christians are called upon to do. The list linked to this page is not intended to be exhaustive, but we believe they are worthy of your consideration.

We don’t necessarily endorse everything these organizations say or do, however we do feel confident in recommending them based on our common value of trying to make our world a better place. It is common to find Burlnaz people involved with some of these.

Outreach Organizations